Mobile Laser Sensor

MetRoad Mobile

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  • mobile sensor
  • probe & 4G / LTE data logger options
  • accurate road surface condition & friction detection

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Detection PrincipleNear-infrared spectroscopy
Road ConditionsDry, Moist, Wet, Ice, Slush, Snow, Unknown
Detection AreaAcross a road network (GPS tracked with data logger)
Dimensionless Frictionµ: 0.0 to 1.0
Data Refresh RateContinuous (via RS 485), 1 Hz (over data logger)
Data ConnectivityRS 485 RTU Modbus (probe only), 4G / LTE (with data logger)
Operating Temperature-30 to +40 °C
Power Supply8 to 15 VDC
Installation Height~ 0.5 m above road, at ~ 45°
Sensor Dimensions & Weight298 x 50 x 50 mm, ~ 0.5 kg
Cable Length7 m standard, or specified upon order


Brochure (PDF 3,26 MB)


MetRoad Mobile can be installed on any vehicle with a tow hook.

An installation bracket is delivered as part of the product. The bracket clamps the sensor to the front bumper tow hook. The sensor inclination angle is then adjusted with a rosette so that the sensor is aimed as intended (into the wheel track).