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MetSense Philosophy

MetSense Philosophy

"If we were to build a Winter Road Maintenance System from scratch, what would it look like?" At MetSense we repeatedly ask ourselves this question - and come up with the answer that it would be quite different to what maintenance organisations worldwide are using right now. We believe that the future Winter Road Maintenance Systems should utilise existing network of Road Weather Stations, however, further system expansions should focus on providing spatially and temporally granular measurements of road surface temperature, status, and freezing point. MetSense's product portfolio and product development pipeline focus heavily on the provision of these parameters.

MetSense Products

MetSense Products

MetSense brings innovative sensor solutions to the Winter Road Maintenance market. MetsSense's product portfolio includes mobile and stationary sensors for monitoring of road surface status, temperature, and friction, as well as for active freezing point detection. The core products are 2DRoad, MetSalt, and MetRoad Mobile. All our products are designed and developed in Sweden and manufactured in the EU.

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