Active Road Sensor


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  • removable electronics
  • easy maintenance
  • accurate freezing point detection

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Product Info


Detection PrincipleContinuous cycle of heating and cooling
Detection Area2 detection points: sensor, external probe
Freezing point-40 to 0 °C
Freezing point accuracy±0.5 °C
Road Surface Temperature Range-40 to +60 °C
Subsurface Temperature Range-40 to +60 °C
Temperature Sensor Accuracy±0.1 °C
Data Refresh RateTemperature continuously, freezing point every ~30 minutes
Data ConnectivityRS 485 Modbus
Operating Temperature-40 to +60 °C
Power Supply12 VDC
Sensor Dimensions & Weight120 (dia) x 57 mm, 1.2 kg
Ingress ProtectionIP 66
Cable Length50 / 100 / 150 m variants


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Installation & Operation

MetSalt consists of two major parts: sensor body and sensor probe with atached electronics. The sensor body is flush mounted in the pavement with the cable connection and external temperature probe laid inside of a groove cut. Once all the "dirty work" with bitumen is complete, the sensor probe with electronics are inserted in the sensor body.

The freezing point is measured by a continuous cycle of cooling and heating the sensor probe. When freezing, the solution of water and de-icing agent releases latent heat at a constant temperature. This "thermal hold" effect is detected by the sensor probe.

MetSalt also has an external temperature probe. Depending on the installation location of the external probe, it can measure surface or subsurface (deep) road temperature.